Thursday, February 12, 2009

General Mozilla Firefox Shortcuts


Mozilla is the web browser which is used by many people around the world.It is the big competitor for Internet Explorer web browser. In this post I'm giving shortcut keys for the effective utilization of the browser.If you practise these Shortcut keys,you can speedup your browsing.

Tip: The plus sign (+) means that you must press two keys surrounding the plus sign at the same time. If there is more then one plus sign (such as Ctrl+Shift+C), it means that all three buttons surrounding the plus sign must be pressed at the same time.

Note: These shortcuts are for Windows Operating System

General Mozilla Shortcuts
These shortcuts are available from all Mozilla windows:

Close WindowCtrl+W
Delete Next WordCtrl+Del
Go Up One PagePage Up
Go Down One PagePage Down
Go Up One LineUp Arrow
Go Down One LineDown Arrow
Find AgainCtrl+G or F3
Open search engine pageCtrl+Shift+F
Open Context MenuShift+F10
Open Main Menu (switches to
the first drop-down menu
at the top of the window.
example: "File" in Windows)
Alt or F10
Move to beginning of line
(in a text editing field)
Move to end of line
(in a text editing field)
Exit MozillaCtrl+Q
Start NavigatorCtrl+1
Start Mail & NewsgroupsCtrl+2
Start ComposerCtrl+4
Start Address BookCtrl+5
Start IRC ChatCtrl+6

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