Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Manage Downloads With add-ons on Firefox


Internet is a huge collection of information. Almost it contains A-Z information what you want..

You may sometimes use internet to download some files like mp3, movies ..Its very easy to download them but you have to manage all your downloads. If you are a firefox user you can easily do them by installing download addons

#1.Fast video download is the add-on which downloads videos in the current page. IF u are a regular downloader of Youtube videos what do you do.. I think you may just download them by using third party softwares or by visiting websites which downloads videos. By installing this add-on you can download videos from browser itself.

#2.Download Them all(DTA) is the download manager which manages your downloads of big sizes. While downloading a file browser asks you whether to downlod through DTA.

#3.In fire when want to download a file and if you click download link a pop-up window will open.Some times this pop-up embarrasses us to avoid this pop-up install Download status bar addon and after installing this addon you can watch download status in the status bar of the browser

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