Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to Write Daily Notes In Notepad


Notepad is the integrated tool in Windows. There are many things which we can do with notepad.One thing which I know is you can use notepad to write daily note or can make it as e-Diary for writing daily events.For writing the daily notes you need date to know when you have wrote it. Here Im explaining you how to automatically show current date and time when you open the notepad

Step#1.Open Notepad (Start->Accessories->Notepad)

Step#2.At the first line of notepad type .LOG(UpperCase)

Step#3.Save(File->Save) that file with desired file name in desired location

Step#4.Later Double Click the file, each time when you open it current date and time are shown above the current cursor position.

Write the notes you want to write of the current day and save them before closing the window, next time when you open it you can see the date and time and can know when have you written specific note.

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