Friday, December 3, 2010

Get Notified when Malicious Programs are Ready to Install in PC


There are many situations from past to present where a malicious program infects the functioning of computer and even may transfer personal data being in stealth. These viruses hid in the background of the operating system to infect the PC. If you download a software from the internet there could be some viruses in it. While installing the downloaded software, if it have virus it may silently get installed without getting to your notice and may change registry values.

WinPatrol is the software which brings to your notice if a program (either good or bad) is ready to install in background. This tool brings to your notice whether to install program or not. You can have protection to your registry if some changes are going to happen without your permission .


There is a recent tab in this tool which gives a list of malware infected programs and when you right-click on these programs you have option to ‘delete file on reboot’ which deletes the malware infected program on reboot.

One other cool feature of this tool is, it has option to shows you the list of the startup programs and display secret startup programs. With this feature you can see secretly hidden keylogger programs which are installed without your observation.

Still it have additional features to show browser cookies, list of file types, hidden files, active tasks list. If you are intrested to download this tool you can download it.


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