Friday, December 24, 2010

How to Remove User Password in Windows.


Have you ever been tired to wait to type password to login into windows user account? Or ever got overwhelmed with multiple user account passwords? Then there is a need to remove password for unnecessary accounts. Here I am explaining two simple methods to remove password for windows.

Method 1:

Simply configuring user accounts in windows.

Go to control panel , select User Accounts and Family Safety from list of computer settings

In ‘User Accounts and Family Safety’, Select User Accounts.

In ‘User Accounts’, Select Remove your password for specified User.

Enter your Current password in dialog box and hit ‘Remove Password’ button.

Method 2:

You can also remove logon password automatically by making small changes to registry. To bypass logon through password you need a small tool called Autologon. The password which you enter in autologon is encrypted in the registry to logon specified user automatically.

Run autologon, enter the current password in the dialog box and hit enable. If you ever want to disable auto logon again run autologon, enter current password in the dialog and hit disable. There is other way to disable auto logon, while logging into windows, repeatedly press shift key to disable autologon for specific account.

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