Monday, January 31, 2011

Block Downloads, Lock Settings and Restrict accessing Blacklist Websites in Firefox


When you are not on your computer at work, is someone viewing all your settings(Add-ons Window, Option settings, about:config settings) ? or you don’t want other persons to download files from your internet connection? Then you need to password your setting and lock downloads from other users.

Public Fox is the firefox add-on which saves your preferences, option settings, add-ons by locking them from others. Go to Public Fox add-on installation page and install the add-on. After installing the add-on go to Tools –> Add-ons –>Extension Tab –> Select public fox add-on from the list of the installed add-ons and click options.

Public Fox_2

A window popups and mark the list of settings which you need to lock.

Public Fox_3

If you want to block downloads mark ‘Lock Downloads’ and enter the file extensions that you need to download.

Public Fox_4

Then there is way to create settings for blacklist from which you can restrict access of blacklisted websites.

Public Fox_5

Enter the password in the bottom right corner and press Ok. Then your settings are saved and when others want to open locked settings they need to unlock.

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