Sunday, February 13, 2011

3 Useful Session Manager Extensions for Chrome.


Firefox browser is built with default session manager, even opera browser has a session manager but google chrome browser doesn’t have any session manager. There is no way to save the opened tabs in the chrome browser without session manager extensions. By installing the chromes session manager extensions you can save all the opened tabs in the chrome. In my search I came across some session manager extensions, here are some.


Session Manger:

Session manager extension have features to name the session, rename and delete the session. If you want to save a particular categories of the tabs like news, open all the news websites and save the session by name News. So, that daily you can read the news of your websites at glance.

Session Manager


Tab Cloud:

Tab Cloud extension have feature to save the opened tabs and synchronize them in real time with google account. The saved sessions can be accessed across any other machine using this extension. The saved tabs are shown as favicons, in this extension. Cloud tab is also available as add-on in Mozilla Firefox. With the synchronization feature you can access the saved sessions from firefox to chrome.

 Tab Cloud


Swimming Session:

Swimming session is quite similar to the tab cloud as it can synchronize your sessions using the google account but it has some advanced features compared to tab cloud extension. A url is generated for your saved session and can be shared across twitter, facebook, linkedin, stumbleupon, digg networks or you can email, bookmark.

Swimming Session


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5 comments to "3 Useful Session Manager Extensions for Chrome."

Praveen@Techperk said...
February 17, 2011

chrome has less extensions for these kind

Srinivas Raman said...
February 17, 2011

Really chrome has less extensions of these kind.

Metin said...
April 01, 2012

First Session Manager more than enough. What do you expect other?

Unknown said...
October 30, 2012

Chrome has best extension of these kind:
Tabs Outliner

all others is simple not needed

Anonymous said...
December 13, 2012

try session buddy it's great ! ;)

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