Saturday, February 26, 2011

Check Whether a Website is Available in Different Countries


If a website is unavailable for you, you can’t justify whether the website is inaccessible only for you or the entire country. One way to check whether the website is accessible for you are is through the ping command in the windows. To check the access of the particular website go to Run in windows and type cmd, then command prompt opens, type ping <website name> e.g., ping , if the result of the packets lost is zero then website is accessible for you if the result is timed out then the website is not accessible for you.



Like wise if you want to check the status of the website in various countries you have to go just-ping website. Just type the web address which you need to check whether it is accessible in various countries and hit ping.



The results of the website accessible in 50 countries across the world is shown.  I checked the results of the twitter website, china is the country which is inaccessible to twitter.China  banned  twitter because to control the raise of the protest against the government in country.


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6 comments to "Check Whether a Website is Available in Different Countries"

sasikumar said...
February 27, 2011

hello Admin.. i’m ur regular visitor… i had some problem in my site.. actually i first started blog
and it goas well “site: ” Then i change blog in to domain… now google searchengine is not indexing my post… but when it was blog it gone well…. and alexa rank also went too bad.. can u please give me any solution for this….

IF Posiible Mail Me @ “”

Srinivas Raman said...
March 01, 2011

I tried to mail u but I think the mail address you have mentioned is not working.

Christopher Lewis said...
July 11, 2013

Or if you're not comfortable with the command line, or actually want to see what the site looks like from a different location, you could use this -

Full disclosure: I built it.

Husain said...
July 23, 2013

I would like to test my website running in various countries.

Anonymous said...
September 03, 2013

@Christopher Lewis

it seems the screenshots are coming form an IE browser??
why are you using IE as test-browser??

Jogja kertas said...
October 14, 2014

what the name website for check available in other country? thanks

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