Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Open Bookmarks in the Newly Opened Tab with Firefox


Firefox shows a blank page when a new tab is opened. Instead of leaving it as blank showing bookmarks would be a better one because if your monitor size is small, showing all the multiple tool bars occupies some extra space and the content area of the browser becomes small. If you make firefox to show bookmarks on the newly opened tab you can save some space to content area and easily navigate to bookmarked website without showing up the bookmark toolbar.

Bookmark Tab is the add-on which shows the bookmarks on the newly opened tab.  After the installation of this add-on when you open a new tab you can see the bookmark menu on the blank tab. When you open a folder of the bookmarks and if needed to go back to previous state just a right click is enough. You can navigate to the websites from the address location bar even the bookmark tab is open.

Bookamark Tab

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