Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 Chrome Extensions Which Enhance YouTube Video Experience


By default Youtube gives you very low video viewing experience. If you enlarge the video in youtube it fits entire screen giving you no way to view related videos and comments of the video. Watch the youtube videos in google chrome which gives you better options to enhance your video viewing experience through its extensions. The following are greater extensions for youtube videos according to my experience.


  • Auto HD for Youtube: The youtube video which you are viewing may have different video quality formats like 240P, 360P, 480P, 720HD. The video formats greater 480P are HD videos. By default when you play the video the low quality video plays, if you install this extension the video plays in HD if there is HD format for the video.


  • Mouse over Youtube thumbnails plays video: This extension gives you the fast navigation to the many videos in the window. When you hover the mouse pointer over the thumbnail of the video, the video of the thumbnail plays in the top right corner of the window.


  • Popout for YouTube: With this extension installed, the video can be extracted from the web page and can be viewed in the other window which plays like a video player. There is pop out button at the top right corner of the flash player of the video, hit the button to extract the video to play as video player.

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  • Window Expander For YouTube: This extension plays the video in the entire browser window avoiding the playing the video on the entire screen. After installing this extension there is a expander button of this extension at address bar, each time when you hit this button the video which is currently playing in the window expands and fits the browser size.


  • Smart Video Enlarger for YT: This extension is a special extension and one of the best extension when compared to all the above extensions. When you install this extension and play any video the video automatically fits the size of the browser window. If you resize the browser the video also gets resized. While watching the video you can see the comments and related videos of the window.

I recommend not to install all the above extensions, but what I say is test all the extensions and choose one which suits you the best.


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3 comments to "5 Chrome Extensions Which Enhance YouTube Video Experience"

vmorg said...
April 01, 2011

Hey, good list!
You might also like to add the new YouTube SmartSearch plugin:
I use it and it's great

Srinivas Raman said...
April 06, 2011

Thanks for adding other one.

Anonymous said...
March 04, 2013

Keep on writing, great job!

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