Thursday, March 24, 2011

Additional Features Included in the Firefox 4 Compared to Firefox 3.6


After the releases of 12 beta versions of the Firefox 4 the final version of the firefox 4 is released and it is a hit. Millions of downloads are made in a single day. Some unique features in the firefox 4 were made making it outstanding to the previous versions of the firefox browsers. The speed and navigation of the browser is fast.There are additionally some features which are included in the firefox 4 compared to firefox 3.6.

Tab Groups

With the tab groups you can create the custom tab groups. This feature was not present in the firefox 3.6, to include this feature you need to install add-on like Tab Groups Manager, Group/Sort tabs. With this feature you can avoid messing up when you open large number of the tabs.

Group Tabs


Firefox Synchronization

With the firefox synchronization you can synchronize the  entire firefox settings. This is useful while you want to have all the bookmarks, cookies, history and settings in the multiple computers. This feature is absent in the firefox 3.6 and if you want to synchronize the entire firefox you need to install the Firefox Sync add-on.

Firefox syncronization


Add-ons Manager in a New Tab:

In all the previous versions of the firefox the add-ons manager is opened in the popup window but in firefox 4 the add-ons manager dialog window is opened in the new tab.

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Addon Manager dailog


No Session Manager Restore Notification

If you close the opened session the present version of the firefox doesn’t show you any warning box to save and quit the session. It simply saves the session again when you want to restore the session go to History—> Restore Previous Session to restore the previous saved session. If you accidentally close any tab or window reopen it by going to History menu.

session manager



This is advanced HTML language . With HTML5 you don’t need to install any additional plugins for graphic and animation content. The video and audio players are integrated in it and you no longer needed to install the flash player plugins. This HTML 5 feature was absent in the firefox 3.6 version.



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2 comments to "Additional Features Included in the Firefox 4 Compared to Firefox 3.6"

Rajesh@Hack Facebook Account said...
March 25, 2011

Nice work bro. You could have added one more point about the look changes in FF4, which is very similar to Chrome. BTW, you've got nice article here.
Great work.

Srinivas Raman said...
March 25, 2011

@Rajesh@Hack Facebook Account
Ya the look of the firefox 4 has changed completely compared to the previous versions.

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