Saturday, March 19, 2011

Schedule Shutdown Time With Time bomb


If you are downloading a file from the internet and you want to go away from the computer, it takes hours of time for you to comeback. You know the estimated time of the download to complete and after the download you want to shutdown the PC to avoid unnecessary power usage. Here in these kinds of situation a tool plays a vital role which schedules your shutdown time of the computer.


Time Bomb software schedules your shutdown time of the computer. After installation of this tool, run it from the start menu, this tool has three functions shutdown, reboot and logoff. Select the function which you want to implement, fix the time at which the function gets activate and hit Activate button. Then the function gets activated at the fixed time. After activation of the schedule time at any time you want to deactivate it just hit Deactivate button.

Time Bomb


This tools be can used while you are listening to songs, while going to sleep and shutdown after sometime when you sleep.

Download Time bomb tool.

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1 comments to "Schedule Shutdown Time With Time bomb"

Rohit said...
March 21, 2011

In the case of downloading files, some software products have auto-shutdown feature after completing downloads.

But this product can be useful in other cases, though.

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