Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Search From Different Search Engines and Websites With a Right Click


If you are reading a webpage and come across a phrase which you need to know information about it then you have to open a new tab, enter desired web portal address to search and enter the phrase. The process is cumbersome. In chrome browser you can set only one default right click search engine option. If need to search in the website other that in the default right click search option, you need to open a specified website and search for it.


Context menu Search is the chrome extension which gives approximately 40 option like google, bing, twitter, youtube, metacafe, wikipedia, facebook, wolfram alpha and many more to search from the right-click of the web page. If one the portal which you need is not there then you can list it manually to the right-click options.

Context menu Search


After launching this extension into your browser go to the options of this extension through the following path select Settings button at the top right corner of the browser —> tools –> extensions, hit options link for the extension named Context Menu Search. Then a window popups showing list of the websites to select to add to the right-click. Select the websites which you need to be on the right-click and hit Add Selected Options button. Restart you chrome browser then you the desired websites which you need on the right click.

Context menu Search2

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