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9 Tips to Increase Your Gmail productivity

There are some ways in gmail which increases your productivity and makes you familiar to use gmail. If you make some changes in your settings then it could make you familiar to use gmail. Here are some productivity tips which gives you the better gmail experience.
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Drop Attachment Files To Compose Mail Window
When you want to attach files to the mail, you have to browse them on your PC and attach them. Just drop files which you need to attach from the file location onto the compose mail window.

Undo Send
After composing mail and hit send button, immediately you got a point that is missing in the mail , it would have been familiar to enable undo send lab setting in Labs to stop sending the mail. To enable Undo Send go to Labs, search for Undo Send and enable it.

Background Send
If you have composed a big mail to send with lot of attachments to large amount of senders then you have patiently wait there until the mail has sent otherwise it avoids you to do other tasks on the mail. To avoid such things enable Background Send in the labs.

Manage if you are getting hundreds of mails per day
It is very difficult to manage to read hundreds of emails which arrive to your inbox. Here are some tips how to manage to read hundreds of emails.
  • Show More than 25 Conversations: To show conversations more than 25 go to Settings, search for Maximum page size and select to show 50 or 100 contacts.
  • Turn on Priority Inbox: Priority Inbox shows important emails which arrive your inbox into one column.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Learn keyboard shortcuts for fast navigation. pressing Shift + ? shows you the list of keyboard shortcuts in gmail.
  • Auto Advance: Auto advance is the gmail labs feature which shows the next conversation automatically when you delete, archive or mute the current conversation. Enable Auto Advance feature in gmail labs.

Multiple Singin accounts
If you have multiple gmail accounts it would be difficult to siginto both the accounts simultaneously within a single browser. set multiple signin in any one of your gmail account.
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Desktop Notifications
Desktop notifications show the notifications when new mail or chat message have come. Desktop notifications work only in chrome browser. To enable desktop notifications go to settings, search for the desktop notification and enable them.
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Create Filters
Filters manage your flow of incoming messages. With filter you can automatically label, delete, archive, star or forward your emails. You can keep yourself out of spam. To create filter go to create filter which is besides the search the web button and create according to your needs. After reading a email you need to filter such emails drop down the reply which is on the right side of the mail and select Filter messages like this.

Labels play a key role when you need to search any important emails within your gmail. Create labels and archive the important emails with the labels for further references.
If you know any other methods which increase productivity of gmail please discuss them in comments section.

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FB covers said...
December 21, 2011

Yup, great post Sheenu.

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May 27, 2012

'multiple singin accounts'.....made me smile. Gmail on x-factor?

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