Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flash Drive Reminder Tool


Are you forgetting that your flash drive is connected to computer while log offing Windows in computer labs or net cafes? Here is a small, freeware utility that pops up a reminder if you try and log off Windows.This program name is Flash Drive Reminder Tool

Two versions are available for this program Standard version and Quiet version

Standard version:
The Standard version pops up a small window when Reminder starts. This window
serves as a reminder that the flash drive is still in the computer

Quiet version:
The Quiet version has no options and does not pop up a window when you insert your
flash drive. All it does is pop up a reminder to remove the drive when you log off
or shut down the computer. However, when it is running, you will not be able to
use Windows' Safely Remove Hardware utility to remove your flash drive.

Click on the following link and download Flash Drive Reminder Tool

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