Saturday, February 28, 2009

Website Blocker


Do you want to block unwanted websites and porn websites? you can do that if you have Aobo Website Blocker - Porn Filter.
Aobo Website Blocker - Porn Filter - Block unwanted websites and filter porn websites. I found this software while surfing internet.This software is very much useful when you have growing kids in your home to avoid them to access porn websites through internet

Effective & efficient Filtering algorithm to block all porn sites: Aobo Porn Filter uses unique ” content filtering algorithm ” to block pornographic websites. It also supports url filtering technology . With this advanced algorithm and technology, you can completely rely on Aobo Porn Filter to keep your family safe from pornography.

Aobo Website Blocker - Porn Filter not only works with different browsers like Internet Explorer,Firefox but also it works with other Internet program (e.g. MSN). After installing Aobo Porn Filter, you just visit “” and other porn sites to test. If you are not able to visit them, that shows your Aobo Porn Filter is working now.

Screenshot of Aobo Porn Filter - Website Blocker

For downloading this software clickhere

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