Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Store Important Inernet Accounts And Their Passwords Online Securely


Are you feeling difficult to remember various internet accounts user names and their respective passwords? Now you can easily remember and recollect your accounts and their respective passwords easily by storing them online safely. You can not only store internet accounts and user names but also online banking details, credit card details through online safely and securely.

Clipperz is the anonymous online password manager that gives you the facility to store your privacy details safely. First you need account for this clippersz website, after creating your account and getting logged into clipperz website you can save your details through 'Add New Card' option.Then it encrypts your details and nobody can know it.

Click the link below for direct access of Clipperz website

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1 comments to "Store Important Inernet Accounts And Their Passwords Online Securely"

vijay said...
April 24, 2010

i need reminder for everything,so this will helps me to save my useful log-in datas,I will try this today.Thanks.

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