Sunday, April 26, 2009

View The Images On The Browser in Fullscreen Mode


Generally internet is the network of networks with a huge collection of information,images,videos etc.While browsing internet in Firefox or Internet Explorer you may come across many images and these images are viewable in their actual size.After reading this full article you will know how to view images which came while browsing in fullscreen mode.

Images came while browsing can be viewed in fullscreen mode by installing small tool called Full Screen Web Image viewer . After installing it, while surfing you can right click any image and choose full screen options. The options include full screen best fit which will try to show the image as large as possible without affecting its height-width ratio, stretch fit which will fit the image to the screen without worrying about height width ratio, Cut fit which will cut the image so that height width ratio becomes equal to the screen height-width ratio and hence will show image in fullscreen.

To view web image in full screen you need to follow simple steps -

  • Right click any image while surfing.
  • Select any of the available full screen options.
  • Now when image is full screen now, you can click on it to return to the browser.

So if you want to enhance image viewing experience while surfing, simply download Full Screen Web Image Viewer.

Click Here to download Full Screen Web Image Viewer

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