Monday, November 29, 2010

Erase Files Completely From Hard Disk


If we have files which have confidential data to be deleted we just send them to recycle bin and later we empty recycle bin then we feel that the files have been completely deleted. But one thing even if you delete files from recycle bin the files are not completely deleted from hard disk. We can recover the files using File Recover software’s. Even though the files are deleted their references are still present on the hard disk. These references should be erased fro m hard disk for avoiding file recovery.

Eraser is the tool which erases files completely from hard disk.


The Eraser tool is given with 4 options to erase files

1. Run Manually: It means after creating list of files to erase these files will be deleted only when the user deletes them.

2. Run Immediately: this means the files get erased immediately after preparing list of files.

3. Run on restart: Run on restart is nothing but the list of files which are selected to erase get deleted after system restart.

4. Recurring: this is different feature, the list of files to be processed under erase can be scheduled i.e., we can give timing for the list to get erase

After download and installation of this tool go to ‘Erase Schedule’, select new task and browse the list of files to be erased and select one of the above four options, if you want to name you can name the task, click OK. The files are erased from the hard disk.

Feature of Eraser:

  • Can create tasks, Task is nothing but list of files and folders which are to be erased completely from the hard disk
  • Can Import Task list which are kept to erase later.
  • A list of tasks which are erased or to be erased can be exported i.e., saved for later use(deletion).
  • Scheduling the files to erase.


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