Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How to Create and Revert System Restore Point in Windows7


When a software is installed some changes are made to the registry. If the software is not installed properly and even uninstalling the software some changes maybe left in the registry. These changes may lead to the improper function of computer. So, How to restore the computer to the previous state(to the state before changes were mad)?

Using System Restore we can undo the changes made to the computer. First we need to create system restore point.

What is System Restore Point?

System restore point allows you to take configuration snaps to easily restore to prior state.

How to Create a System restore Point?

1.Click the start button, type ‘Create a Restore point’ press Enter.

2.In System Protection tab Select the drive to create restore point and click create button.

Create a restore Point

3.Name the restore point in popup window to identify restore point. Click create button.

Create a restore Point1

The restore point is created within 2-3 minutes. After creation of restore point a popup showing Restore point is created successfully.

Now by reverting system to the Restore point all the software which is installed in between the time, creating restore point and reverting to the restore point is Wiped out.

How to Revert System Restore Point?

1.Click Start button, type System Restore.

2.System Restore window opens ,Click Next button in the window.

Revert System Restore

3.A List of events with time of creation is displayed. Select your desired Restore point to revert and click Next.

Revert System Restore1

4.Check the Conformation Page and Click Finish.

Revert System Restore2

5.Click Yes on the final confirmation Screen.

Now your system Logoff’s and process for system restore point after system restore point is processed the system Restart’s.

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