Sunday, January 2, 2011

8 Useful Chrome Extensions for Facebook


Chrome has different extensions for facebook which make navigation better. While the video is buffering, if you want stop buffering, you can’t do that in facebook without installing video buffer extension. Facebook doesn’t provide emoticons in chat. If you want to zoom an image, there is no option by default in it. There is no ‘Reply’ button to reply particular status comment. We can include some features which are not in facebook through extensions.

Facebook Ad Block: If you are not interested to see ads on facebook then why should they display for you? By installing this extension the sponsor ads won’t appear on facebook page. This extension works silently on background.

Facebook #Buffer: If you want to view a video, when you play the video you felt boring to view it and want to stop viewing it, but it is buffering and wasting your bandwidth. You can stop buffering by installing this extension and also can download video with a simple click.


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Facebook Full Screen Video: There is no way to view video in full screen mode. You can go for full screen mode to view video by after installing this extension.

full-screen Video

Facebook Chat Notification: If you are logged into facebook and you are with your work ignoring facebook. If someone comes to chat (important), you are unable recognize and saw the message when the person went to offline then.... To avoid missing import messages, install this extension. When message comes the notification is shown on desktop.

Chat Notification1

Unfriend Finder: Is your friend’s list number decreasing day-by-day? Install this extension to get notification when someone is unfriend.

Smiley Central: Make your chat beautiful with smiles. Install this extension to add graphical emoticons in you chat and in your status messages.


Facebook Photo Zoom: With this extension you can zoom the portion of the image.

Change Facebook chat sounds: By default chat notification sound can’t be changed. With this extension you can choose different sounds from the list. Simply click speaker button on chat window and choose the sound form the list of sounds.

Chat Sounds

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2 comments to "8 Useful Chrome Extensions for Facebook"

Vivek Parmar said...
January 03, 2011

Some extensions are new to me, thanks for sharing

Srinivas Raman said...
January 03, 2011

@ Vivek Parmar:
Thanx for comment. Plz visit this blog again

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