Thursday, February 24, 2011

3 websites to watch Cricket World cup 2011 Live Stream and Highlights


Cricket Worldcup 2011

Now it is cricket fever in the sub-continent. when you are away from television and have internet connection within you, watching live matches through the internet could be better than seeing the score board. To watch the live stream of the cricket match you should have broadband internet connection. you can watch the live stream of the match for free. Here are best websites which gives HD view to watch the live match and highlights.

Espnstar: Espnstar is the sports channel which is now broadcasting all the cricket world cup 2011 matches.If you miss the live action of the match this website has large collection of world cup highlights.

Espnstar Cricket Live stream


CricketWorldcup2011: This is the official website of the cricket world cup 2011. This website provide live stream of all the matches and also have highlights of the matches in the tournament. There is also score board available for the live match.

CricketWorldcup2011 Live Stream


Cricket-365: Cricket-365 provides watching live cricket online with 10 channels. Besides that the website has the videos to watch the highlights of the match. If you have low bandwidth internet connection going for live scoreboard is the better option that watching the cricket live stream. All these three websites also provide live scoreboards of the match.

Cricket-365 Live Stream

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