Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Switch to Tabs from Omnibox in Chrome


Omnibox in the chrome is where you enter web url to navigate page. Omnibox has special features just not for entering web urls but also used for search results by entering the query, doing the arithmetic calculations and conversions. Now you can switch between opened tabs from the omnibox in chrome. If you have opened lot many tabs in such a way that the browser is able to show only favicons of the opened pages then to navigate between the tabs is quite time consuming, to avoid it navigating the tabs using omnibox is the good solution.


Switch to Tab is the chrome extension which makes to switch between the opened tabs using omnibox. Install this extension and after installation go to omnibox of any opened tab and type sw and press Tab key(sw<Tab>), then enter the words of the desired page and you get suggestions for it, choose the desired one among them, later you are switched to that tab.

Sitch to Tab

When I typed google word here I got some suggestions for opened tabs, I need to select one among them to navigate to the selected tab.

The extension is pretty good but when you hit enter by choosing the desired tab the window gets resized this is the resize bug of this extension.

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