Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Backup and Restore Profile Settings in Firefox with FEBE


With firefox browser we can add different add-ons which makes tasks much easier. Make your work more productive by making regular backups of your firefox profile from office and restore the backup at home. If you want your settings everywhere you need to make backups every day and send them to cloud(Drop Box). The backups include your installed add-ons,theme,bookmarks,cookies,history and user profile.

FEBE is the very useful addon which is used to make regular backups of your firefox profile. If you want all your settings like add-ons, theme, history, cookies and bookmarks which were there on your office computer to your personal laptop, the best solution is to back all the settings from workplace and restore in your personal laptop.

Install FEBE add-on by going to installation page. After install restart firefox browser.

Go to Tools –> FEBE –> FEBE options.



FEBE options window pop-ups, In the options tab select which type of backup you need, if you need only selective settings go for Selective or if you want the complete profile select Full profile or if you need both select Both. Select your options as you like.



In the next tab ‘Directory’ select your backup directory. I selected my Dropbox folder as my destination to save backups.so that I can have my backup every where. If you have box.net account you can upload backups to box.net account by enabling box.net uploads in Box.net tab.

FEBE3    FEBE4.png


You can schedule your backups by making changes in the schedule tab.



When you have completed all the settings, next you need to perform backup manually if settings were not made to schedule backup automatically. The backup is created within seconds of time.



Once the backup is created, if you need to restore backup, restore backup profile or selective backups. 


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2 comments to "Backup and Restore Profile Settings in Firefox with FEBE"

Usman@FirstHosting said...
February 09, 2011

really good way to backup.


Srinivas Raman said...
February 09, 2011

Ya this is really a better way to backup firefox

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