Thursday, February 10, 2011

Scan Computer for Spywares with Super Anti Spyware


Spyware and Adware are very dangerous programs which may install into user computer without users knowledge. If the spywares are installed in your computer they may transfer your personal data to the third party authorities. Spywares may keep spy on your keystrokes, webcam or transfer personal data to the third party authorities through e-mail. Adwares are those which track your browsed information like which sites have you visited, which ads have you viewed.So, it is a best way to scan your computer with spyware removal tools. Though an updated anti-virus is installed into your computer, it is better to scan computer with spyware removal tool.

Super Anti Spyware is a portable tool which is used to scan computer for detecting the spywares in the computer. This is tool is very handy and you can carry it to every where and don’t need any installation for it. when you run this tool for scan, select the drives to scan and select either quick scan or deep scan. After the scan is completed it shows number of detects. After the scan is completed you can know the information about the detected threats. If you want this tool on windows startup, go to preferences, in the General and Startup tab enable start SuperAntiSpyware when windows start.



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2 comments to "Scan Computer for Spywares with Super Anti Spyware"

PC Scan said...
August 24, 2011

I need to Scan my computer please tell me Spywares with Super Anti Spyware provide me complete Security

Blogger said...
December 30, 2016

Using AVG protection for a few years now, I would recommend this solution to all of you.

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