Monday, February 21, 2011

Track how much time you spend on various Activities in your PC


Social network sites really makes us to addict to them and make to keep our important tasks aside. If you know how much time you spend on various activities in a day on your PC, the next day you get an idea to spend time on important tasks and keep aside the tasks which are not important. How would it be if you know to how much percentage of time you are active on a particular activity?

Chrometa is the software which recodes the percentage of time you have spent on a particular activity from the start of the PC. After getting an idea of how much time you have spent, you can schedule the tasks and spend more time on your work.


When you install this program it sits in the system tray and records all your personal activities. From the day of install it records all the activities everyday. whenever you need history of the activities, just select the date to show the activities of that date. If you want pause recording activities for some time press pause button at the top of chrometa window.


Previously the desktop version of this software was available for $99 but now it is available for free. Just go to the chometa download page and submit your name and email address then a licence key is sent to your email. Copy the licence and activate full version of this software. To activate the software with licence after install, go to options at the top left of the chrometa window, go to licence tab and enter the licence key in the field shown and hit validate button then your chrometa is activated as full version.

Note: The desktop version is available for windows only

Via Lifehacker

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