Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Useful Feature called Lists on Facebook


The news feed in facebook shows all of your friends statuses but you need to read particular kind of friends statuses instantly then what do you do?Facebook has chat enabled, if you want to hide your online status from some of your friends then what do you do? Here comes an important and the useful feature from the facebook called List.

While you add friends in facebook to your friends list create categories of friends list like your college friends in college list and family friend as family etc.

Facebook Lists


Avoid posting annoying statuses to everybody

Facebook bought many games to the users. These games are fun to the user but they make to post a lot of trash statuses to our wall. If those are shared with everyone , the person who doesn't need them feel annoyed. So, create a list of friends who are playing the game as something like farmville (if farmville player) and share the status to post  by choosing farmville from the list and the status is shared to only the farmville friends.


View the News Feed instantly

When you login to the facebook at the home tab you see lot of news feed statuses from all the friends who shared them, its difficult to find particular persons feed. Go to Most Recent feed items and choose the list which you need to read.

Facebook Lists2


Be offline for some of the friends in chat

There would be a situation where you need to hide yourself from some people online. If you have created a list of friends it would be easy to hide yourself from particular people in the chat. In the chat window of facebook select the list to which you need to be offline and hit a small green button at the right of the list. You will be offline to that list and not to entire facebook chat.

Facebook Lists3.png


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