Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Manage the Copied items with Clipboard History Manager


When we copy some text or something the last copied content is saved in the clipboard. when we need at some particular time a copied content which is overwritten by the other copied content then we can’t get it. Using the clipboard manager tool we can save the last copied texts for lateral use which increases productivity.


Clipboard History tool from Outertech is tool which manages the clipboard content. After installation of this tool it sits in the system tray, if you right click the icon of the clipboard manager you can see all the list of history of the clipboard items. When you select the desired item from the list and place the cursor where you need to paste it and hit Ctrl+V then the selected item is pasted.

Clipboard History


There is stickies feature in this clipboard history tool, where if you need some item to be available permanently just send the content to stickies by right clicking it and selecting Add to stickies in configuration window. To go configure window right click the icon in the system tray and select the configure.

Clipboard History1


You can also configure the history items like ignoring the clipboard items which greater than some specified memory and showing the number of the items to remember.

Clipboard History3

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