Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Password Folders using Secure Folder[software]

I have a computer which is not a personal one for me . My bro and dad use it. I have many secret files like videos, images which I don’t want to share with my family members. So, I need privacy for my files and got a solution to hide my secret files from others. If you too have a reason to hide folders like me then here is a small tiny portable application called SecureFolder.

Secure Folder is a free tiny, Portable tool which locks, hides, encrypts folders with simple interface.

SecureFolder Application

After installation you need to set password next time when you open the software you need to enter the password to login to application. It is a simple interface you can drag and drop the folders into application or you can add folders using ‘Add’ button and browse the required folder, also can remove the selected folders using ‘Remove’ button. Just need to select required folders and hit ‘Remove’ button.

Once you have added folders select ‘Hide and Lock’ option and click ‘Lock’ button. Later when you need to view folder select required folders and hit ‘unlock’ button.

SecureFolder Link

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