Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Place to Learn MS-Office Excel


Excel is a product of Microsoft Office suite which is mostly used Financial Analysis spread sheet application.With Excel Budget, Daily Expenses and other financial date calculations can be done.
Excel Contains lot of mathematical formuls which are very difficult to understand by novice user.Even Users who use excel regularly also face difficulties in some situations.If u want to become Master in Excel then you have to land at the platform which teaches u Excel. If u are enthusiast about excel then go ahead...

The author of teaches u excel and he even makes u master in excel through his Excel online tuitions which are conducted for every 3 months .The site contains lot of stuff to get command over excel.Its has a lot of formulas, tips ,Videos,Methods for doing Statistics,Charts and other related work in Excel.

Online Store:And finally one more thing about this site is it has an online sote where you can buy books related to charting in Excel, Formula e-books,Templates, Charting Tools and many more.
If you are not that much sound to buy them then there is also an option for free downloads which has usel stuff

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