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Read Full Feed Content of Partial Feed in Google Reader.


When you subscribe to feed of some popular sites like, you get only partial feed from them. To read full post you have to navigate to their website. You can get full feed content from such sites and view feed content in reader itself without navigating to their websites. If you have offline feed reader in PC, you can enjoy reading full feed content offline. There are two methods to generate full feed content.

  • WizardRSS Website.

Go to, enter the feed url of website which you need to generate full feed in the dialogue box (I want and hit ‘Create full text RSS feed’.

full feed subscription

You are directed to the websites feed page .Select you reader from the list of RSS readers and hit ‘Subscribe now’.

full feed subscription2

Now you can enjoy full feed content to your reader. 

  •  Installing Super Google Reader Extension for Chrome.

For this method to work you should have chrome browser and google reader account.

Super Goolge reader is the extension which enables full content feed for google reader. Using this extension the full content of the feed can be read inside reader. If you want visit articles webpage you can visit from right inside the google reader.

Go to Super google reader installation page and install the extension.

Now open a new tab and login to your google reader account.

Open the desired subscription feed, there you have three tabbed button in the feed.

full feed subscription3


If you press Readable you get full content of the feed.

full feed subscription4


By pressing ‘link’ you can see article site page inside reader.

full feed subscription5


Hitting ‘Feed’ shows you the original feed.

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