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4 Useful Websites to Convert WebPages to PDF.


There could be some content on web which you need to read during offline. So converting web page to pdf helps you to read during offline. Of course there are many websites to convert WebPages to pdf. But I found some sites which convert WebPages to pdf very quickly. Still some websites offer bookmarklet to convert web page to pdf. Some offer conversion to pdf’s by removing junk on the webpage. is the best site to convert web page to pdf. Still it has a bookmarklet which can be added to bookmark menu and if you press this bookmark button, the opened web page is converted to pdf within few seconds. If you have a blog you can add joliprint button to your blog so that visitors have chance to convert your blog pages to pdf and save them.

joliprint website have good interface. Just copy desired url and paste in this web site,hit ‘print preview’ and later preview of the page is generated. You can edit the preview of the web page by removing unnecessary junk(images, links etc.). After editing the page you can either print it or convert to pdf or email it. This site also gives you options to bookmark or add button to your blog.

printfriendly though if the page has junk we need it to be there. Copy the desired page url and past it in this website and hit ‘start’. A preview of the page is generated, in the preview page you can remove the unnecessary content, you can save the clips of the page or you can enlarge the images, font. After doing editing of the page, you can save it as pdf or html or print it. This site have bookmark button and blog button.

printwhatyoulike simple site with a good interface. If you need comments of the article to be included in your pdf this site is good for conversion. This also have bookmarklet button to convert web page to pdf.



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10 comments to "4 Useful Websites to Convert WebPages to PDF."

Vivek Parmar said...
January 09, 2011

Didn't know many of them, thanks for the share

Srinivas Raman said...
January 09, 2011

@Vivek Parmar
Its fine dude. visit my blog to know what you don't

Facemot said...
January 09, 2011

Music or Video will also COnverted with these tools?

Srinivas Raman said...
January 12, 2011

You can't convert music or video using these tools.

surkhab said...
January 26, 2011

Thanks for sharing.

Srinivas Raman said...
January 27, 2011

Thanks for Commenting

asif ahmed said...
January 28, 2011

Thanks for this helpful post

Web designer said...
January 30, 2011

Very Useful Recurses


Mohd Salim said...
February 21, 2011

Very Nice Post
Thanx For Sharing...

Seenu said...
February 21, 2011

@Mohd Salim
Thanks for the visit. Keep visiting my blog.

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