Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hide, Unhide and Kill Opened Applications in Windows


If you are seriously working on a task with web browser and you need to keep your facebook account open, opening facebook may distract your work. Then how to work while keeping facebook opened. Here in this kind of situations comes a tool called process manager for windows which hides a particular window which you need to hide for some time.


Download this tool here and install it. After installation, the tool sits in the system tray. If you want hide all the opened windows right click the icon and click on Hide all then all the windows are hided. If you want a particular window to be in hide mode and rest in normal mode, again right click this tool icon in the system tray and select the windows which you want to unhide by going to unhide menu.

PWM     PWM2


There is other feature in this tool if you want to close the opened application with the kill option. Just click the kill option in the tool to close the application.


Still the developer of this tool said there are the features like Minimize to tray which perform action to minimize the opened window to tray, Priority with which you can set priority for the application. I have tested this tool in window 7 and I didn’t get the system features in, hope they work in windows XP.  You can set preferences by going to preferences.

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