Friday, March 11, 2011

Mange Multiple Account Passwords With Password Safe


Managing different passwords for different accounts would be the best security tip. The password for the account should be a strong one so, that no one can break your password. Remembering the passwords of each account would be tedious. So, managing different accounts with password manager would be easy task to save the passwords and to login.

Password Safe is the software which saves all your account passwords and encrypt them with the master password. All you need is to remember the master password of the tool to login to password manager. While installing this tool you may come across two installation types, 1.Regular for single PC and 2.  Green for maintaining the tool as portable version.

Password Safe1


After installation the tool sits in the system tray and each time when you start-up computer it appears in the tray. A database is needed to create for storing all the account passwords and this database is handy, can be taken any where and open it with this tool. Hit New Database button to create the database.

Password Safe2


After creating database you need to enter the account entries into the data base, hit New Entry button in the window to enter the entries. Then fill all the details of the account and hit Ok button.

Password Safe        Password Safe3


After entering the entries then open the account url and go to password safe manager, double click the respective entry then password is copied to the clipboard, later go to account url, type user name, in the password field paste the password which is saved to the clipboard. Then you are logged into the account.

Password Safe4


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