Wednesday, October 12, 2011

5 Chrome Extensions For Google Search

Most of the web users prefer to use google search engine compared to other search engines because of the best features it have.  Google search engine respond very fast for the search results. The timeline of the google search to show the results page is very fast compared to other search engines. There are some features which can be added to google search by the chrome extensions. With installation of some the following extension, you can add some extra features for the google search.

Search from the Omnibox: With Omnibox search extension  you can search the web from google with omnibox. After installation of this  extension type ‘g’ and press spacebar, then type keywords to search and hit enter button. The google search results for the search are displayed in same tab where you entered search keywords in the omnibox.
Omnibox search

Highlight a keyword for search: Highlight keyword for search extension allows you to search the highlighted keyword in the google search engine. while reading the web page if you come across the keyword which you need to search using the google search engine, highlight the keyword and then search icon appears simply hit the icon to search using the google search.
Highlight for search

Fast Google Search: This extension after installation adds icon to the toolbar, if you need to search using google, hit the icon the toolbar then search box appears and enter the keyword for search.
Fast Search
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Google Site search: Sometimes you may come across the situations where you need to search only a particular website. This extension after installation add the site search icon to the toolbar, if you need to search the current opened tabs site then click this icon and enter the keywords to search in the search box. The results are shown from the google for only the current site in the new tab.
site search

Twitter Search Results on Google:If you need search for the keywords, not only google but twitter also gives useful search results. Combine both the results to get the better results. Tweets which are tweeted by the twitter users are displayed in the google search results in the real-time by installing this extension.
Twitter search

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